Entrepreneur interview and Personal Analysis

For an individual to be an excellent entrepreneur they should be aggressive, innovative, competitive, determined, focussed and responsible (Down 2009). This paper offers an in-depth analysis of the concept of entrepreneurship by interviewing a local business owner who has defied all odds to reach the top.

An interview session is conducted with a young inspiring entrepreneur engaging in business consultancy, photography and co-running a liquor store. The rationale for the selected interview questions is it’s based on a set that effectively analyses the traits of an entrepreneur and thus provides the required basis of entrepreneurship. Besides, the questions also help in gaining important insight into emerging issues in entrepreneurship, the challenges experienced by entrepreneurship and thus the avenues through which to tackle these. From the answers provided in the interview, an evaluation of the entrepreneur is undertaken through various approaches including the Big 5 personality, the model entrepreneur and Gibbs entrepreneurial values. Cognitive approaches, traits theory, and socio-psychological approaches are also used to understand the entrepreneur’s mindset. The motivation for starting businesses by the entrepreneur includes her need to make more income and her interest in practicing her hobby. In a proactive manner, she realizes an opportunity in the community in terms of the liquor business and thus co-owns a liquor store. Upon reflection, it is appreciated that the interview with the entrepreneur and the accompanying analysis and evaluation has led to a better understanding of the entrepreneurship concepts studied in class. Entrepreneurship traits are clearly discernible in the interviewed entrepreneur, and insight into the challenges that accompany entrepreneurship is gained.
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