On the other hand, sustainable entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs or firms that work in a sustainable manner and contribute to the creation of sustainable development (Weidinger et al., 2013).
Sustainable development has grown significantly for the past few decades. people and corporate have come to realizes that is easy to do business sustainably. They noted that doing businesses is quite easy at the same time trying to solve issues facing the society. According to the view of sustainable entrepreneurs, challenges can be easily solved and at the same time create business strategies that have more value to the society and economy.
Current society is characterized by high level of environmental destruction, climate change, and ozone depletion. such practices pose a great danger to us and the needs of futures generations. However, with sustainable entrepreneurship, environment will be safe, destruction of forest will reduce, and improvement of agricultural practices will increase. In addition, sustainable entrepreneurship is a vital opportunity to developing countries. It improves and increase access to education, creates more job opportunities, increase productivity, physical health and economy (Rendtorff, 2009).
Additionally, motivations to sustainable entrepreneurship are changes in environmental businesses, in this sense, the change in demand and supply. Such change motivates an entrepreneur to stand tall and focus of sustainable entrepreneurship. A change is an opportunity. an opportunity in this perspective is availability of raw materials to start a business.
It is an ethical responsibility of business firms to be more concern about sustainability. at the same time it is also legal for business to be a concern. Currently, businesses are no longer viewed by the capability to avail goods and services but, the way the avail such commodities and impacts on the society. The main aspects which businesses are more concern with are. environmental,