Environmental Analysis of Gold Coast Theme Park

Theme park facilities are services provided to customers.
Traditionally, distribution channels are not a requirement of this business as revenue is generated through visitors who come in to catch some entertainment. In the recent era though, different distribution channels are coming up including conjoint branding activities or branding partnerships as is seen in the case of Volvo teaming up with Legoland, a theme park in California for their marketing activities. Likewise, current research journals on tourism industry suggest the following new mediums for distribution:
Tourism is the driving factor of the economy of Gold Coast, contributing AUS $ 2.3 billion to the Gold Coast City’s Gross Regional Product and providing employment to more than 40,000 people. The industry size can be determined by the fact that Gold Coast hosts as many as 78,000 visitors every day of which 80% are Australian nationals whereas a growing number is coming from New Zealand, UK, Japan, China, UAE &amp. India. According to the official figures "The Gold Coast attracts 4.4 million tourists per year (9.9 million including day trippers) with a daily spend of $10.6 million".
The entry barriers are low even if it requires a high level of investment (up to $ 110 million) to develop a theme park but the rates of returns are high. However, the high capital intensive nature of this business also means that the exit barriers are low since the investors do not want to leave their investment in search of more profitable options
Phil Bartsch states in his article "Theme Parks enter the Digital Age’ published in The Courier Mail, that the average annual revenue growth of 5 percent is forecast over the next several years in Australia’s attractions industry.
High level of competition and a monopoly like situation whereby Dream world has a leading position and retains it by offering competitive products in a wide income group span( from $ 5-$5000)
High number of innovative products being offered by competitors
Competitor Analysis
Gold Coast boasts of as many as five big theme parks including the following:-
Sea World
Sea World Animal Adventures
Sea World Helicopters
Sea World Whale Watch
Sea World Resort
Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World
Warner Bros Movie World
Australian Outback Spectacular
Paradise Country
The Visitors, (Consumers)
As mentioned earlier 80% of the visitors to Gold Coast are Australian nationals. Since the nature of business is strictly B2C (business to consumer), the customer does not have much power. The presence of other options in form of other amusement and theme parks provides more choice and gives the customers the power to choose. At present, there are no customer representative bodies.
The Suppliers
Apart from the supplier in their day to day operations including on the venue food suppliers, a Gold Coast theme park usually requires specialized vendors to suit the individual needs of their