Equal Rights in the Economic Sector

They adopted a new policy that aimed at penetrating the whole market. The periodicals majored on stories of interest such as celebrity stories and general stories about fashion. In addition, they provided information on current happenings. In order to make the magazines attractive, the companies printed the publications on high-grade glossy papers.
Fejes argument on gays and lesbian spending habits is still valid today. Majority of them spend a tremendous amount of cash on classy and sophisticated products in the market. They embrace new products and, as a result, producers and marketers exploit this. The auto industry is a perfect example of the industry that has realized this and works hard to satisfy gay consumers’ needs. Subaru is one of the companies that have successful exploited gays’ desire for classy products. This company has designed an expensive gay-friendly car. The fact that the vehicle is gay-friendly alone does not improve sales. Thus, the company has invested in advertising their new arrival in gay periodicals such as Advocate and Out. The sales returns are encouraging with the Subaru company claiming that gay men are 18 times more likely to afford and own this car than other people.