3 pages (1 page per relational context). 1 inch margins. 12 point font.Consider relationships you have in 3 different contexts. Examples of relational contexts may include: family relationships, friendships, workplace relationships, school relationships, romantic relationships, relationships with strangers, etc.Compare and contrast the way you understand your own relational identities, feelings, and behaviors within each context and relationship. How do your identities shift (and stabilize) in each context? (i.e., Are you able to be your “full” self in every context? Why or why not? Which parts of yourself do you find you have to hide/shift/overplay/etc.?) What are your feelings dependent upon in each context? (i.e., Why might it hurt more to receive the same message in different contexts? When are you more or less comfortable?) How do you make choices within each context? (i.e., How is your communication impacted in each context? Why do you think you make the choices you make? How are you behaviors and choices received in each context?)Conclude with an overarching analysis of why it’s important to examine our selves through a multitude of relational contexts, what you learned from doing your own analysis, and how this self reflection might cause you to make some changes in your relationships.11/05/202015english