Essay final

Part 2 Instructions. To earn full points, you must present your answers in a clear and comprehensive but concise manner. Please write in complete sentences and use propergrammar and correct spelling. Mistakes may be cause for point reduction. You mustinclude in-text citations and a references page (written in APA style) that includes all the resources cited in your responses to the questions. You must use and cite appropriate course readings (in APA style). Students are not to use direct quotes and should use formal writing (as is course policy per the writing tips). Responses that include direct quotes will lose points. Further, students should not work together to answer the questions.Question: In your own words, explain broadly the interview dynamic (i.e., the relationship between child, interviewer, and experience in question and the impact each has on the outcome of the forensic interview). Next, specifically address the impact the interviewer has on the dynamic. To earn full points, Provide a comprehensive review of what is considered best practice and why amongst the major protocols and research (including but not limited to the interview phases and necessary components within the phases). Be sure to tie in the developmental implications for practices to earn full points.09/05/202025law