English 1B — essay 3We have read the DeMott essay, “Put on a Happy Face,” in which he argues that inter-racial buddy movies (like White Men Can’t Jump and Die Hard with a Vengeance) allow us to believe that racism and prejudice and inequality are solved by personal emotions and friendship, with no need for institutional or legal or systemic change.I’ve asked you to watch several science-fiction films that follow the same pattern: Alien Nation, Enemy Mine, Fido, Warm Bodies, Bright, I Robot, Disney’s Zombies movie….For your third paper, you can write about two or three of the movies I recommended above.ORYou can choose another genre of buddy movies (nerd/cool kid, rich/poor, gay/straight, male/female, different religions, or some other significant difference).    Body switching might be an interesting variant here.  Becoming The Other can be educational….  In either case, you will explain DeMott’s argument and apply it (agreeing or disagreeing, finding exceptions, as you see fit).Analyze the films you’ve chosen, both in DeMott’s terms and using your own insights, finding your own comparisons, contrasts, subtexts, tensions….  Pay close attention to the resolutions of the stories and the plots: does anything change?  Is prejudice or contempt eradicated?  Is some larger injustice eradicated?  Is the plot resolution purely personal?  What message or impression or influence or belief do you think these kinds of films convey?  How do they shape our understanding of difference, inequality, prejudice, segregation, bullying, or the way we treat The Other?Your essay should be five (5) full pages long.You should use at least three (3) sources, not counting the films.    Look for articles, reviews, historical context for specific prejudices or inequalities….