Ethics and Values in Social Work

Under the statement "Equal treatment and protection under the law" (BASW: code of ethics), people like Mike and Kylie should not be facing consequences of Disability because they are not disabled by choice rather they have been like this due to mistreatment and less care. As a worker, it becomes my responsibility to make people aware of laws regarding equality, take sessions and teach younger kids not to discriminate anyone on the basis of color, cast, living style or financial standard (Williams, 2006).
Michael’s parents are concerned but they have only been supporting morally. They need to be equipped with first hand knowledge of social justice. Since they have brought up Michael, they should be aware of social justice principles. As per the law, "The fair and equitable distribution of resources to meet basic human needs" (BASW: code of Ethics) is necessary. A discussion session can be arranged with them and the people of their age to provide first hand information about the rights and responsibilities of parents that should be catered in the upbringing of disabled children.
Another value that is supposed to be considered is Human Dignity and Worth. I as a worker am responsible to "Show respect for all persons, and respect service users’ beliefs, values, culture, goals, needs, preferences, relationships and affiliations". (BASW: code of ethics). It is very important for me to eradicate the prejudice first and then let the victims (in this case Kylie and Mike) be taken care of. As we saw, the most affected of all are the children. Competence is the value which helps to "Contribute to the education and training of colleagues and students, sharing knowledge and practice wisdom" (BASW: code of ethics). They lack manners and supposed to be guided to take care of their health and diet. As a worker, it’s my task to tell pros on and cons of a poor hygienic environment to the parents as well as train teachers of the schools of these kids to handle the kids if they come to school without following the disciplinary rules.

The latest referral is targeted to Tiffany who is a disturbed child because of her mother getting separated from her ex-husband. Not only Kylie and Mike are responsible but her siblings can also play a part here. I would arrange a counselor or a psychiatrist to deal with Tiffany’s case personally. She needs to be given anti-aggressive behavior training as well Behavioral Change counseling as well so that her communication skills can build up and she can overcome the problem of sexualized behavior. Also I would provide her parents with detailed analysis of how to deal with adolescents since they are pretty touchy and sensitive at this stage of puberty (Trevithick, 2005). I as a worker will make sure to provide her with sessions in which I will ask her personal questions and as per the code of ethics, I will follow Integrity which says that "Respect service users’ rights to a relationship of trust, to privacy, reliability and confidentiality and to the responsible use of