Ethics in Health Administration

In healthcare, ethics ensures that healthcare administrators behave in a moral way towards their patients. The lesson I have learned from this module is that, there are four ethical principles that guide the health care system (Morrison, 2011). They include autonomy, which is the freedom to make choices that are independent of any person’s control. In health care, this principle is guided in the practice of seeking informed consent, truth telling, maintaining confidentiality and fidelity.
Secondly, there beneficence, which is act of doing good and acting with kindness towards others. Thirdly, there is non-maleficence, which makes it a duty to the health care providers to refrain from causing harm to the patients intentionally. Lastly, there is justice where it is the duty of the healthcare providers to ensure that there is equality in service delivery. I would apply this lesson in the workplace by ensuring that every individual has a clear understanding of the meaning of ethics, as well as, educating my colleagues on the four basic principles of ethics that are required in the healthcare system.