Evaluate the Relation Between the Media Politicians and Big Donors in UK

The big donors provide the huge funds for the politician’s campaigns with the aim of influencing some policies or deals when the politicians attain official or elected positions (Koss 17). With these few examples, it is apparent that there is a relationship between big donors, politicians and the media.
In politics, the media has direct impact or influence on the public, as it conveys all the political messages required to sway the public in a particular direction. Therefore, for the politicians to be successful in their political bids, they have to be intertwined with the media. This is not unique for the United Kingdom, since other politicians running different affairs in other countries practice the same. The media is the main source of news for every person in the United Kingdom, therefore, making it an important tool in furthering political agendas. It influences the public immensely by swaying their perception about different politicians. The media also helps in exposing scandals that may be detrimental to some politicians’ career (Dean 12). Take the example of the United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal that was exposed in 2009 by the Telegraph Group.
The Daily Telegraph published copies of the expenses records, which proved that members of parliament had misused the taxpayers’ money through bloated allowances and expenses. The media focused on the scandal, thus provoking anger among the citizens who demanded for the resignation and prosecution of the members of parliament involved in the scandal. The immense power of the media was demonstrated, as it was able to inform the people about secret mischievous dealings that were happening in parliament. The media was able to invoke anger in the public and create the image of a failed legislature. Owing to the media, the public lost confidence in some politicians. therefore, creating pressure for the