Evaluates the main developments( history) of customer relationship

Topic: DEVELOPMENTS RELATIONSHIP XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX relationship historyAccording to history, the system of customer relationship is what made consumer benefits such as credit card points, loyalty award systems and flyer miles become as popular as they are today. A majority of entrepreneurs used to bank on generic methods of attracting potential clients and earn loyal ones. Most companies were not clever regarding having individualized customer relationships before the coming of customer relationship (Buttle 2008). The following literature review looks at the developments of customer relationship.The dawn of customer relationshipThe early edition of customer relationship that came forth in the 1980s was called database marketing. It wasn’t as complex as today’s customer relationship which is well-developed. It primarily involved interaction between a company’s staff and customers. Even though it was useful, information on the existent database was unorganized, hard to track, update and retrieve (Moseley 1999).The rise of customer relationshipThe 90s experienced great advances in terms of customer relationship. Companies started seeing the gains in extending perks to potential and existing customers for repeat buys or in exchange for applicable customer information. Companies started viewing customer service as a skill that is evolving continuously instead of a stagnant service that can be used whenever (Moseley 1999. Timm 2011)A fully-developed Customer Relationship ManagementToday, Customer Relationship Management is at its full potential making it possible for businesses to attain superior customer service and maximize their potentials. Customization of software to fit a specific business or industry is made possible by innovation and more improved tools are available. Benefits savoured by clients are beneficial to the companies awarding them as well since they can now easily track the patterns, spending history and behaviour of their clients (DeGregor 2011). Storage matters for huge databases, particularly for big companies can now be settled with Customer Relationship Managements online capabilities. Opening secure internet mediums for staging Customer Relationship Management and offsite storage of data are now being offered by Customer Relationship Management software developers. Customer Relationship Management is most useful for those organizations that immensely depend on customer service or technology. Most Customer Relationship Management-based software and tools are hence used by the computer hardware and software sectors, the telecommunications industry and credit card companies. Customer Relationship Management history surely indicates that something really effective and useful can come a long way in a short while. Customer Relationship Management has made customer service a world-wide interaction and clients can now move onto better services if not satisfied with current ones (Timm 2011. Peppers amp. Rogers 2011)..ReferencesButtle, F. (2008), Customer Relationship Management (2 Ed.), New York: Taylor amp. Francis Press.DeGregor, D. (2011), Customer-Transparent Enterprise: Beyond 20th Century CRM, Berlin: Motivational Press.Moseley, L. W. (1999), Customer Relations (5th Ed.), London: Lebhar-Friedman Books.Peppers, D., amp. Rogers, M. (2011), Managing Customer Relationships: a Strategic Framework (2nd Ed.), Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley.Timm, P. R. (2011), Customer Service: Career Success through Customer Loyalty (5th Ed.), Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall.