Evaluating the Company Situation

Evaluating the Company Situation EVALUATING THE OMAN AIR COMPANY SITUATION Competitive Analysis The Oman Air company is very competitive in the industry. It has put latest steps so as to help it have a competitive advantage. The struggle of the business to outdo it competitors has put in place a New Performance System will include every member of the enterprise. The project anticipates achieving results that are better for building understanding and managing performance within a given framework of goals that are planned, competency requirements, and standards. The results of every individual will be to the reward program of Oman Air that will follow the reviews of the end of the year (Yudelson, 2009). The competitors of the company are Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar. The competitors today fly in more than a hundred destinations while Oman Air only flies to 43 destinations. As a result, Oman Air should focus on advertising and promotion to get more clients from different destinations. Emirates use the cost leadership strategy to outdo Oman Air. Etihad and Qatar use the differentiation strategy that is the strength to them. The weakness with the three competitors is that their services are very expensive compared to Oman Air (Porter, 2004).Industry Analysis The entire Oman Air Company has established a very god international reputation based on the goods and services it offers its clients. Organization growth may be to the individual accomplishments of the company. The political environment of Oman Air home country is very conducive to enable it carries out business as usual. The government also favors the company since through the legal regulations it has reduced the taxes that the business is obligated to pay. The economic conditions are also good since the home country is stable economically which will enable the company to move forward and get more profits. They are also aware of how best they can help to ensure that the company achieves its set goals and objectives. Oman Air is an industry leader (Yudelson, 2009). Several sessions of communication have already been put in to help the company be in line with the laws of the country. In addition, strategies have been put forth to make sure that each employee is on companys progress, as well as new regimes. Further employees are informed about the expectations of the enterprise on the improvements of Technology so that it can remain relevant to the industry (Yudelson, 2009).SWOT AnalysisStrengths The Oman Air company has a very high growth rate. It also has significant revenue and profitability 0f about $ 34,657, 876. It is also the domestic market leader. It has also been provided with a lot of monetary assistance by the government. In addition, the entire Oman Air Company has set up a very god international reputation based on the goods and services it offers its clients. The success of the company is based on the individual accomplishments of the business that is an immense strength of the business (Yudelson, 2009).Weaknesses In the company, there is an extra load for pilots. There is also an evidence of poor working conditions for employees. For instance, employees are not allowed to charge their mobile phones at workplace. It has also been involved in many disputes with the union of labor (Yudelson, 2009).Opportunities Oman Air is preparing for its next phase due to the opportunity that is ahead of it. There was a new launch of the arrival of the first 20 new aircrafts worth $ 23, 654, and 567. The national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman has reaffirmed its commitment to the quality that is very high to all of its operation areas (Yudelson, 2009).Threats Oman Air Company is being faced by the threat increasing interest rates in the airline industry globally. The home country is also planning to increase taxes that are a significant threat to the company. There is also the increasing number of competitors who are offering better services in the industry (Yudelson, 2009).ReferencesPorter, M. E. (2004). Competitive strategy: Techniques for analyzing industries and competitors. New York, NY [u.a.: Free Press. Yudelson, J. (2009). Green building through integrated design. New York: McGraw-Hill.