Evaluation of Big Bang Theory The Luminous Fish Effect



This episode focuses on one of the series’ main characters, Sheldon, as he is fired from his job after insulting his new boss at an office party. Leonard, Sheldon’s roommate, tells him he should go and apologize and get his job back but Sheldon refuses, preferring to engage in a number of strange experiments in their apartment, including designing luminous fish to serve as nightlights. Except for a single trip to the grocery store with neighbor Penny, Sheldon refuses to leave the apartment and, at one point, refuses to leave his room. Leonard calls Sheldon’s mother Mary in for some help with Leonard and, through her intervention, Sheldon is finally forced to apologize and get his job back at the university. The program features a cast of characters that include the strange, the cool, the out-of-touch and the wise. In this respect, it is greatly accessible to teens who often feel as if they are unable to fit in with ‘normal’ society. Penny is the ‘cool’ girl who lives next door and would be most expected to have issues with the brainy guys. However, even when Sheldon is strongly trying her patience, she is friendly to him and listens to his input. When he begins talking about something she is not comfortable with, she tells him so and cuts off communication when he refuses to drop the subject. Throughout the show, there are numerous places in which loyalty to each other plays a significant factor. Leonard’s loyalty to Sheldon is shown over and over again as he listens to Sheldon’s ideas and then calls Sheldon’s mom to help diffuse the situation after more than three weeks have passed without any positive change. Penny also shows loyalty to her friends as she stops by to see if they need anything before she goes to the store, willingly takes Sheldon with her to shop and appears later in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment as they eat a dinner Mary has prepared.