Event Management Industry

The first Olympic was held in 776 BC in Ancient Greece, likewise, there were many events and festivals celebrated ages ago as well. Considerably the ancient event organizers must have more difficulties and problems than today. The prominent organizations started operating on a small scale from the late 1960s and early 1970s, they mostly organized the meeting. The industry grew by time including exhibition management and tourism. The event industry has grown huge by two decades. Annually estimated $500 is spent on special events worldwide (Damster, 2005). The founder of the International Special Events Society is Goldblatt, he is also the founding director of the event management program at the George Washington University (Damster, 2005). He serves as the dean of the Alan Shawn Feinstein Graduate School that offers the first MBA degree in Event Leadership. By today it is one of the most growing industries employing a large amount.

The range of customers is very vast in the event management industry as every age group needs help to organize events. It starts from a higher level as politicians to organize their campaign events to a business meeting at lunch for just a group of ten people. From a birthday party to the Olympics, event management deals with all age groups. Mostly the business conferences, exhibitions and parties are arranged throughout the season, thus it’s the people of all field that falls in the category, businessmen at the most.
By the time the size and needs of the event management industry have increased, so the training of event management has emerged and started as per requirement. There are those who are working well due to the skills and experience they gained within the job. Many are from related areas like entertainment, films, production, and theatre.