EvidenceBased Practice

Nursing: Evidence-Based Research affiliations Nursing: Evidence-Based Research Psychometric instrumentation is essential for the measurement of conceptual and subjective information. These instruments have the potential to measure levels of stress, coping, self-esteem, motivation, and other psychological elements making them essential to the medical field. I believe the instruments are crucial, and researchers need to identify relevant approaches to developing the tools. The questions asked include the open-ended questions and closed questions. The open-ended questions seek to determine personal levels of individual concerns while the closed questions try to group a person in a range comparable to other individuals. The open-ended questions are useful where the researcher is not aware of the expected responses and are a characteristic of the qualitative research (Houser, 2013).
Reliability is the concern seeking to address the issue of stability and consistency. Tools and other instrumentations need to project stable and consistent results when the research or experiment gets repeated over time. In research, reliability is the condition through which a measurement process yields this consistency in the scores received given there are no changes in phenomenon over repeated measurements. Reliability is essential in that the results attained depict the actual measures affecting a particular phenomenon. In that case, the researcher can prescribe the best remedy and make a conclusion regarding the issue under consideration (QMSS, n.d).
Researchers need to ensure that instrumentations are reliable before relying on the information from this hardware in reach a conclusion. High levels of reliability reduce measurement errors and in the case actual effects of an intervention get identified. To achieve reliability then the researcher needs to consider the calibration especially in the measure of non-physiologic characteristics in the instrumentation and between raters (Houser, 2013).
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