Evolution in the Field of Emergency Management

The awareness for emergency management arose in mid 20th century amongst the private enterprises and on government level .in the previous century it has become part of company policy plan to maintain an emergency plan .the previous traces can be stretched back to 1830s when disaster management was conducted for fire protection in form of Fire Disaster Relief Act 1803. In the American history, the second real attempt at disaster management can be traced back to 1928 in form of Flood control AC. No real evidence of disaster management can be found in between these years .many more agencies and structures came into existence in around second world war and emergency management schemes are consistently visible in different forms since that time on, namely Civil Defense Planning ( 1948) and Disaster Relief Act 1950 and in late 1970s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)( George D. Haddow, 2010).Emergency is associated with minor or small-scale damages, disasters relatively high scale problems, while catastrophe is termed as something beyond human control and have massive damages attached to them .the first modern research into disaster, can be traced back to 1920s when Prince conducted an extensive study in this field studying the explosion that occurred at Halifax. (Vladimir Shlapentokh, 2002) .the real modern emergency system awareness can be traced the back the to late 1970s (Ronald W. Perry, 1981).Losses can occur in a large number of ways, it could be financial losses, human life losses, losses occurring from disasters of various kinds.