Evolution of the characters portrayed in the Poisonwood Bible

This essay discusses that even though Rachel and Leah were born and raised at the same time. and come from the same background, their adulthoods are completely different. Their adulthood clearly shows whether they have successfully adapted in Congo or not. Leah becomes a woman who takes care and sacrifices herself both to her family and to society. Leah has a strong relationship with her husband, who she loves dearly. Leah supports his vision of fighting for independence. Even though she has to undergo turmoil, and worries when her husband is arrested, she still loves him and never gives up on him.
To conclude this novel is very powerful and troubles the conscience of the readers with the questions it raises. It provides insight into the twins who are the world apart in their physical, mental, and social approach to the real life. One of them is able to survive, though taunted by the guilt that she destroyed her twin’s life. The other was a miserable failure and an unfit. This was because of the restriction she dictated to herself. A person can make or break her own life. She has a free will to choose her paths and make it a success. Leah took the less traveled road and is gifted with peace, joy, and happiness in her life. Though financially she is not a success, she has found relations that she could boast in her life. However, Adah could not keep up with the pace of this materialistic world. She only has bitter feelings. She is not ready to face the challenges of life. She tries to relive the past and goes in search of it.