Evolving Role of a News Librarian in a Digital Age

In the above context, news librarian can be differentiated from reference or research librarian in terms that his duties are precisely defined. However, in most cases, there could be a combination of the above tasks for librarians around the world. In fact, there are few cases where a news librarian focuses specifically on the above tasks. Other, similar tasks could be delegated to a news librarian and he should respond using all his skills and knowledge. It should be noticed that the role of news librarian has been combined today with that of the digital librarian. More specifically, because of the development of technology, a news librarian is expected to have extensive knowledge of the IT systems especially those related with the storage and the distribution of data to researchers of all types (students, professors, writers, reporters and so on).

Towards this direction it is supported by Sreenvasulu (2000, 12) that a digital librarian is ‘a type of specialist information professional who manages and organizes the digital library, combines the functionality for information, elicitation, planning, data mining, knowledge mining, digital reference services, electronic information services, representation of information, extraction, and distribution of information, co-ordination, searching notably CD-ROMs, online, Internet-based WWW, multimedia access and retrieval’. The above definition is made more clear through the explanation given by Borgman (1999) regarding the structure and the role of digital libraries for researchers worldwide. In this context, Borgman (1999, 229) notices that ‘researchers focus on digital libraries as content collected on behalf of user communities, while librarians focus on digital libraries as institutions or services’.