Examining the examples of European Green Energy and the ways to improve Canadian Green Energy

This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of green energy and further identifies whether the current policy is an effective strategy for addressing climate change.
People have become aware of the effects of global warming and for that reason. the world has turned into green energy to reduce the effects of fossil energy. Green energy is energy that comes from resources that are environmental friendly such as solar energy, geothermal heat, wind, and rain that are constantly replaced. Green energy can also be defined as alternative energy that is produced from other sources other than fossil fuels. Green energy is also referred to as renewable energy because it is the source of energy that does not consume the finite resources of the earth and can be quickly and easily replenished. Green energy has been internationally accepted because it has no pollutants that affect the air hence creating a less impact on the environment. Despite the evident need for green energy, global response has been scanty.
The paper will begin with a brief introduction on the current issues facing the climate change and the role of green energy in addressing the problems. The introduction will end with a a clear thesis statement based on the topic green energy, which will later build up the main arguments of the paper. The next section will be a comprehensive review of literature that explains and supports the use of green energy. This section will provide an understanding of factors such as environmental and economic benefits. The next section will review the various debates and reasons given against the use of green energy. The next section will be a comprehensive discussion on the facts that have been identified in the body of the paper and finally, a conclusion and recommendation supporting or opposing the thesis statement supported by the facts provided in the discussion.
The advantages of green energy include first, green energy is renewable in the sense that it