https://www.ratingraph.com/tv-shows/the-office-ratings-17546/I chose The Office as a TV show that jumped the shark. I thought of this show because it’s one of the TV shows that I feel went on too long with 9 seasons. I personally didn’t watch this show when it aired but I do remember the major decrease it took in audience numbers. I also thought of it because it’s a controversial show in terms of if it is funny to someone or not. Someone may think it’s the best show ever while someone else finds it boring and overhyped. The show first aired in 2005 and ended in 2013 with a total of 188 episodes in 9 seasons. I think it might’ve jumped the shark because the concept and idea got old and shouldn’t have lasted 9 seasons. Though it is a comedy of everyday life in an office job, there’s only so much you can do with this idea. Viewers may have gotten bored or found a new show to watch while The Office aired in real-time.https://www.rottentomatoes.com/franchise/rockyI chose the Rocky series as a film that nuked the fridge. I immediately thought of this one because I think it’s one of those iconic movies that really dropped in numbers until the more recent films. These movies are about the sport of boxing and Rocky Balboa’s career. Throughout the series, it takes you through his loses and wins and also his training in the sport but also through his everyday life. I think this nuked the fridge for the same reason The Office did. I think the series became repetitive and the audience wasn’t tied into the series as they were the first movie. It’s a known thing that original movies are hard to top with sequels and this one may have gone on for too long until Creed.I think professionals can use this data by reflecting on their own works. Making sure to bring a new plot to every season of a show or every sequel of a movie is important to keep the interest and attention of the audience. If the same storyline and plot are repeated on for way too long, the general audience will lose interest.