Executive Summary of Skull Candy Inc

The incapability of the business to realize the future growth and development may have very negative effects on the firm’s future operating results. The reputation of the firm cannot have risen by the existing or available strategies used in designing and marketing efforts. This is applicable since they do not properly result in a positive development towards the firm’s reputation and recognition of its brands. The firm, in the end, may not be able to have a successful implementation of growth and the strategies in place. This firm may also fail to compete effectively, which causes its net sales and market share to decline.
Stagnation in the popularity or growth of the portable media device, smartphone and gaming console markets or if the products are no longer compatible with the devices may affect the business and financial condition. The results of operations cause material harm if the firm is unable to forecast accurately on demand for their products. There is also a fluctuation in the net sales and operating income on a seasonal basis. These may have an adverse effect on the financial condition of retailers and distributors.
The business may suffer if any of its manufacturers fail to use acceptable labor practices. If the problems of the firm experience with their distribution network for domestic and international retailers, their ability to deliver their products to the market could too have an adverse affect. The current executive officers are critical to the loss and the success of any of this personnel, or other key individuals harm the business and brand image. If the company has no access to intellectual property rights or enforce rights against third parties who violate those rights hence the business could suffer.
The product liability or warranty claims may end up in notable direct or indirect costs, which subject the firm to experience greater returns from retailers than expected. In such a case, the net sales suffer a decline in the end. The stock price is also subject to volatility.&nbsp.