Expanding Business for Coffee Hot Cafe

The financial plan for the Coffee shop will be summarized below into three financial statements namely: income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet. The statement of financial position will comprise of all revenues/ incomes and expenses incurred in the previous financial year. The cash flow statement will provide the cash generated from financing and operating activities as well as cash outflow. Finally, the balance sheet below commonly known as the statement of financial position will display the current and noncurrent assets of Coffee Hot Cafe as well as equity and liabilities of the business (Ward, 2014).
The guerrilla-marketing strategy entails promoting a product by presenting its messages from nowhere thereby, capturing the attention of consumers by creating a large impression before disappearing. Coffee Hot Cafe will utilize various Guerrilla marketing strategies to capture the attention of different customers as well as to increase sales and profitability. Among the strategies that will be utilized include. Media, marketing via events, utilization of giveaways, partnership, free demonstrations and word of mouth. Coffee Hot Cafe will influence the media to talk about their products. this will help to create awareness among the members of the public. The use of media may also involve inviting media people to an educative workshop on healthy eating. Further, Coffee Cafe may employ event marketing. This entails participating or supporting certain events such as soccer, volleyball and athletic games. Such events may help to create awareness about the company products (Sam Ashe-Edmunds, 2014).
Giveaway strategy may involve donating to charity or offering free&nbsp.coffee during certain events so that consumers can be able to test and discover the goodness of the product. This strategy will make consumers to purchase the products offered by Coffee Hot Cafe. A partnership may involve promoting the products of other business that sell similar products like yours. For example, Coffee Hot Cafe may promote products of its partners so that the partners can also promote their products.&nbsp.