Expanding on Short Stories

The story with the title “The New Dress” tells us about a female who wants to look beautiful (Woolf, 1975). The nonprofessional writers take up writing as a hobby and because of this reason, write short stories in order to manage their passion with other chores of life.

The short stories are attributed to female writers but it is not always true. Every individual can or have faced loneliness during his or her life. However, some of us turn to listen to sad music and others write about it in order to get it off the minds. The human need to manage stress can turn anyone towards writing regardless of gender so considering females capable of writing good short stories in utterly wrong.

Poems are traditionally used to express one’s emotions and feelings about a particular subject matter and therefore, the short stories have some commonalities with the medium of poem as both of them are composed in order to express an individual’s feelings.

The era when females were considered and treated as a suppressed social class is almost gone because women are now engaged in the corporate world as CEOs. The short stories have become a medium that is used to dump psychological pressures on to the paper and therefore, any number of reasons can cause a man to write a story as it will force the woman to do so. The editors and publishers view a story from a readers’ viewpoint and if they believe that it has the power to attract readers then they will publish the work.

As mentioned earlier, the short stories will be used to express emotions and feelings by men and women alike. Secondly, they are considered as an informal means of writing and finally, they are livelier because readers think that the writer is talking to them directly and the feeling comes as the stories are composed in a narrative form.&nbsp.