Expediency for Higher Studies in Journalism Abroad

Important things to consider before leaving forHigher Studies in Journalism Abroad:A well-thought-out plan is fundamental to reach a proper conclusion. The latest trend in job opportunities that come within the area of my interest has to be taken into account. The other important issues that require active consideration are. 1) which country I would choose to pursue my studies and 2) how I would meet my expenses and other challenges associated with my accommodation.Expected challenges:a) It will not be easy for me to get a part-time job to meet my living expenses abroad,b) Language and the cultural difference will presumably be a barrier to my studies as well as to my social life. Expected advantages Successful completion of the course would ensure comparatively better career opportunities abroad with handsome salary. Studying in a foreign land will obviously be a memorable experience that would enhance my knowledge and outlook. Possible disadvantages Living away from homeland and family will be a mental agony which will have far-reaching impacts on my life. It will have a negative effect on my valuable friendships and social contacts. If I confront with failure and return home it will terribly damage my family’s economic stability.Recommendations: a) I should determine if the course I choose would suit my skills and expertiseb) Finally, the proposal would become feasible only if I find a reliable sponsor who would stomach my course fee.