Explain how you will conduct an effective reference check



How I shall conduct an effective reference check? I will conduct an effective reference check by first finding out whether the reference I am interested in checking has been identified by the employee as one of the referees or not. If the employee has identified that reference as a referee in his curriculum vitae or other correspondence with me, I may directly contact the referee without informing the employee of the same. However, if the employee has not mentioned that reference as a referee to me, I shall first get written consent of the employee that I can reach the very reference. On my own level, I shall try to first build my own opinion about the employee by reviewing his/her profiles, activities, memberships, and social circles on social media and social networking websites and then get the opinion of the referee on these subjects. I shall subsequently compare my own opinion to that of the referee to find out if his/her opinion supports or contradicts mine. I may or may not need to reach out to more referees depending upon the outcome of the comparison. I shall also carry out research at my own level about the referee from whom I am getting opinion about the employee. Using my resources and social media, I shall try to assess whether the referee actually serves in the position and location as suggested by the employee or not. I shall not only share with the referee my name, position, place, and organization, but also the roles and responsibilities attached to the position I am considering the candidate for while seeking referee’s opinion about the candidate.