Explain the four sociological perspectives Functionalist Conflict theory interactionism and feminism In addition briefly report how each of these theories wo

The four sociological perspectives of Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Interactionism and Feminism are important to study and understand. To understand human society a look must be take a look at these four perspectives. This paper will explain Functionalist, Conflict Theory, Interactionism and Feminism and give an example of how they work.
Functionalism, the first sociological perspective, is society with a function or purpose. Functionalism takes the view that society is a mass of interdependent parts that tend to equal out in the end. For example, birth rates and death rates would balance societal equilibrium according to this perspective. Functionalism also asserts that functional requirements have to be met in society for its existence. This means that functions such as reproduction have to exist for the society to survive. Problems that randomly occur in life perform a function in this perspective. Like when death occurs, world population decreases. .
The Conflict Theory holds the belief societies, groups and individuals function to benefit themselves or their groups. There are four basic beliefs for this theory. competition, structural inequality, revoloution and war. Competition is the basic function for all social activity, such as monetary, love, power and even leisure activities. All societies have structural inequality from the US income classes to Communist countries that have political classes. Competition and structural inequality lead to revoloution and war. Revoloution unites people behind a common cause, then war unifys the both winners and losers into a new society. History is an example of this theory from Nazi Germany to English colonies to Iraq today. This perspective represents the vicious cycle that has existed since the beginning of society.
Interactionism is basically the perspective that people react toward things based on the meaning that the thing has for them. These meanings are influenced by social interaction, then changed by the person’s interpretation. For example, a child reacts to a loving mother positively, but interprets the mother’s actions uniquely.
Feminism as a sociological perspective is focused on how male dominance has shape the world socially. All societies have the problem of how male dominance has affected it. One example is Saudi Arabia. Male dominance shapes every social aspect of a Saudi’s life, from politics to marriage. Even in America, male superiority can be found, like in sports. Wrestling is a male sport, even though some women have proven that they can excel. Male dominance affects even societies with most advanced women rights.
All of these sociological perspectives are important to study, because they can apply to every society. It can be argued that all societies serve a purpose, like with Functionalism. Conflict Theory has be occurring since societies began, even with well established societies like England, Russia and others. Interactionism is common sense. All society members interact with each other, and then interpret that interaction. Feminism is important to study because not all societies have advanced women’s rights. All of these perspectives can stand alone, but also interact with other. They are basically common sense.