Explanation of a Professional Soldier



It is clear from the discussion that profession has internal monitoring methods, internal policing systems such as the State Medical Board, or the American Bar Council, whose aim is to protect both the general public and the standards of their chosen vocation. It means being skilled, trained, and academically prepared for work. Someone just calling himself a professional does not make them so – their ability requires proof – which is why so many professionals display certificates and diplomas in their offices. The wider society is reliant upon professionals and the standards they achieve and maintain. The individuals concerned develop expertise in their chosen field and then use that ability in the interests of individuals and of society. There are of course craftspeople who are also trained, and even certified to carry out their work, but there are subtle differences. If a carpenter, for instance, makes a substandard piece of furniture, either he won’t be able to sell it or someone who does buy will eventually find fault with it. If on the other hand, the person is a medical professional or a lawyer, then his or her incompetence will impact negatively in a more serious way upon the lives of others, as well as perhaps resulting in him being judged incapable by a professional body and may be banned from practicing. A soldier is most simply someone who belongs to an army, someone who follows the profession of arms, in particular, combat on land. They are one of much military personnel serving together as part of a team and with a particular place in a hierarchy. As a group, they provide the society to which they have linked the security and protection that they are unable to provide for themselves. A soldier may have enlisted voluntarily, or been compelled in some way to serve, as when soldiers are called to serve their country in a time of war. Almost always they wear the insignia and uniform of that country as well as of the particular corps, regiment or another part of the army to which they belong. They are expected at all times:- To live, act and speak in a manner which leaves no doubt that they adhere to the traditions of the United States army. their mission of resisting enemy attempts …. Whether a relatively new recruit or along with an officer of high rank, and whatever his specialization or assigned task, whether radio operator or engineer, sapper or cook, he is still basically a soldier. Usually, he is paid for his services – the word soldier has its roots in the Latin word Solidum or pay. What does a soldier do? He does whatever is required of him by his leaders –to produce strategies to attack enemies, to defend places and people, to guard and protect, to act as peacekeepers and police – all of these can be aspects of the profession of arms. Signing up as a soldier means agreeing to do these things in a whole variety of situations – at home and abroad. Serving as a professional soldier brings these two complementary aspects of the phrase ‘professional soldier ‘ together. Professionals earn status and the trust of their clientele through their continual maintaining of high standards. Their clientele trusts them to act on their behalf.&nbsp.