FabIndias Entry in Australian Market Table of Contents

This report stresses that FabIndia is India-based apparel manufacturing and retailing organisation. Apart from the manufacturing and retailing apparels, the company also offers health care and home care products. However, the unique selling proposition of the company is that it offers the apparels made of the Indian traditional techniques and fabrics. Its products are mainly manufactured in the rural areas of India where India’s traditional handicrafts skilled people are available. In this process, the FabIndia has offered a significant amount of employment in rural India. On the other hand, it also gets skilled labours and other raw material as must lower cost, and hence, it is also able to offer its products at a much lower cost by targeting the middle income group of people.
This paper declares that the primary product offered by FabIndia is its hand woven and printed clothes and hence, the focus on this section will be on the apparels retailing in Australia. Australian clothing and textile industry is highly developed due to availability of high quality raw materials and necessary support from the government. However, after free trade agreement with the counties like China, U.S. etc competition in the textile manufacturing has intensified significantly. Most of foreign textile traders offer their products in products by importing from their respective countries. The competition in the Australian textile industry is mainly dominated by the foreign traders and the most prominent competitors are the traders from New Zealand followed by China and Italy.