Factors That Affect the Level of Aggression Children Exhibit

The paper presents the reason that the management scholars now focus to improve policies, management and work environment to make coherent decisions. Thus, the current management research patterns are altered to meet the demands of current socio-economic factors (Lockett et al., 2014).
Observing current research patterns in the Academy of Management Journal (2014) it can be observed that the research adopts a particular theory for developing a hypothesis for the research (Thiel, 2014). The approach is evident in several research journals that have adopted a theory related to the topic (Fast et al., 2014. Diestre and Rajagoplana, 2014. Boone and Ozcan, 2014). The main objective behind adopt theories or models to develop hypotheses is to ensure that the researcher has made use of coherent information to establish a hypothesis (Creswell, 2013). In addition, the use of the theories and models provides brief information about the previous observation of the researchers and their perceptions of the occurrence and impacts of the events on a particular event. In addition, the researchers have also criticized the previous theories and propose their own new model to address the issues of the problem (Fast et al., 2014). Mair and Hehenberger (2014) have critically assessed different institutional models and critically analyze the venture philanthropy as an organizational approach to overcome the conflicts prevailing in the organizations (Johnson, 2014). In a similar manner, Diestre and Rajagopalan (2014) have also criticized and tested the model to determine the impacts of the management model on the outputs of the organization to establish a hypothesis for the research (Diestre and Rajagoplana, 2014). Fast et al. (2014) have also critically analyzed the conceptual model of managerial self-efficiency for the theoretical development of the hypothesis.