Failure of Foreign Policies in the EU

The member countries have contradicted each other on several occasions not only with reference to the dealing with the foreign countries but have reservations regarding the nature of the role to be played by the EU. The strong members of the EU are of the opinion that EU should be reflected as European Power, but few member countries have come up with objections against such strategies, and have led to further divisions in approach and understanding of the member country (Roland, 2004). The chief of EU Solana has concluded that the involvement of the EU can not be merely judged by the presence of the EU in different countries and international organizations, but the influence of the EU authority is important element, and unfortunately the EU due to lack of coordination has failed to achieve that particular status and principal role. The chief has offered different solutions in this regard, which includes,’improve communication and co-ordination between member-state.the EU actions use more ‘sunset clauses’ for aid programs, setting out when and how they should end.prepare country fiches or strategy papers that summarize all the financial and other assistance that the country in question receives from the EU and the member-states’ (Andrease, 2006).The foreign ministers of the member countries have agreed with these principles, and it was discouraging to observe that EU has not conducted that suggested approach towards any of foreign government, therefore it has been realized that there is need for greater synergy between the EU and member-state activities, but the Union found it difficult to implement such approach and understanding. The Union has to work constructively in this regard, but unfortunately, the member countries have reflected the similar status of ineffective co-ordination and hopelessly noncommittal which existed after the formation of European Political Cooperation (Winters, 2002). There is a requirement for the introduction and implementation of radical reforms which can contribute towards the achievement of Common Foreign and Security Policy. The reasons attributed with the failure of the EU towards commonality of interests and understanding on foreign issues is also explained by the following reasons.The EU administrative officials, Brussels based, are national capitals have increase differences on a wide range of issues.