Faith Hope Love and the Holy Spirit

The Bible states, Christians should not retaliate evil for evil but setting up a lump of coal on the head of the enemy. Let God takes care of the matter. Forgiveness is their greatest weapon against all evil.
The fruits of the Spirit are Christians’ treasures, like a shining pearl thread from the fabric of their inmost being. These human characters shall last forever, argued Braeden. They stand evil and immorality.
Why does this fruit of the Spirit important to human beings, not only for Christian but also for others? Because the greatest enemy in this world is one’s, own heart.6 The phrase says, “We are our own worst enemy.” The manifestation of the fruit is not by “the overflow of powerful religious feeling but by the faithful response to the systematic study and preaching of the Word of God.”
Christians need this fruit because it gives them the opportunity to lead and position themselves in an environment they will not be able to have in the secular world. Unfortunately, as human beings, too often, they fall quickly from exerting this fruit because of self-pride, because of their egotistical attitude and behavior, and they are too focused on achieving their own ambition. With these attitudes and hidden behavior, and as they are being pressured to uphold competitiveness in the workplace, they are prone to resentment, the hardness of heart, become judgmental and critical of others, jealous of others, and frustrated if they don’t get what they want.
In their relationship with others, they try to give an answer to others that they don’t even know what the answers are. Said Braeden, the fruit of the Spirit “is the ultimate formula for success in human relationships.”&nbsp.