Family Communication or Cohesion and Change



Honesty is a virtue that my parents have cultivated in our house. My mother tells us that the truth will always set us free so we try as much as possible to be honest. As a family, we are sincere, clear and specific with what we want to achieve. We also realize that we have our own weaknesses that we must inform each other so as to get support. My sister Linet is a sickling type and we are always there to help her whenever she cannot accomplish some of her tasks. The rules in the house are flexible and are subject to change depending on conditions. For example, we have a diet that must be followed in order to maintain our health. However, once in a while the diet is omitted to accommodate some people’s feelings and desires and this creates a sense of fulfillment in the house. We also relate well with the community around and with other family members. We have been accepted with the society and my parents play a major role in the community. My mother is a professional counselor who offers free counseling services when our estate is celebrating certain ceremonies. My dad, on the other hand, heads the regular cleaning services in the estate and he is also head of the security. This is an indication that our family links with the society are open and hopeful Satir 1988, pg 133.