Family history

Family history The idea of the family is very imperative in the society. Through the family, individuals can start their lives and ultimately shape the society. The family history also determines in a way on how the family will progress in future (Nazio 11). If a family probably had a history of mathematicians and had a family business, it is normally expected that the same will be transferred to the next generations. My family came from Zhuji, a little city in Zhejiang province, China. From the earliest ties, my family relied on agriculture as a major source of livelihood. Through agriculture, my parents have managed to educate us to the highest levels of education despite the struggles that come with such a business. However, my parents are hopeful that we will get good jobs so as we do not end up like them though my youngest sister has shown great interest in agriculture especially on cash crops. My granddad has played a crucial role in our family. He always says that regardless of all the odds in life, one must endeavor to succeed. Even at his age, he has sought to open his own business that has all sorts of merchandise. The returns are indeed appealing and any person would envy his work. As the siblings in the family, we are more challenged by the day to strive to do more especially when we see our grandfather wake up so early to start his days at his business. This business has also boosted the little income that we get from agriculture. Life is looking up for us and we expect brighter days ahead. Religion also plays a role in the success of our family. My parents are always keen to ensure that we follow the expected norms of the society through inculcating the good deeds in our religion. This has played a major role in ensuring that we are admirable by all in the society and are also the envy of many. For my case, the virtues taught by my parents especially of honesty and hard work have enabled me survive in the tough times of today’s society. I have succeeded in my education, and though I do not have a job yet, I am sure I will get one and give it full effort and dedication. My family is also fond of giving especially to the poor and the homeless. After every three months, it is compulsory that we visit the unfortunate in the society. One would question why we do such activities yet we do not have enough, but my parents do not take any excuse for not helping others. I find this reasonable as if our situation is not very comfortable with farming as our chief source of livelihood, then for the ones without a job is even worse. We hope that these good virtues will be transmitted to more and more generations to come in our family lineage just like our grandparents and parents have taught us. Work CitedNazio, Tiziana. Cohabitation, Family amp. Society. London: Routledge, 2007. Print.