Family movie review

What if Movie Review The movie “What if” is a ical depiction of the intrigues of a primarily Christian life.While there are many facets of life presented in the film such as relationships and choices, the most overbearing feature of the film is probably its characterization of family life. Through such aspects as respecting the individuals calling, keeping ones faith, the movie represents love as a fundamental family concept that binds every family enabling them survive even the most difficult of circumstances where more often than not, critical yet difficult decision play a pivotal role in the directions our lives take.
The family concept is highlighted by the main character Kevin Sorbo casted as Ben Walker. The family that Ben is meant to have is that which he marries Kristy Swanson, casted as Wendy, his girlfriend from college. However, Ben drifts from his course and is instead engaged to a beautiful, materialistic lady. A mechanical error with his car makes the story unfold.
In the current life, Ben is casted as successful but yet not following the desired path. To be truly happy, Ben has to reconnect with Wendy and it is I this that the family concept of love is clearly brought out. His relationship to Wendy along with their two daughters does not have the fairy tale charm but yet displays resilience and understanding of each other’s emotions and caring for others well being. It is open that for a family to be successful, love has to abound, one which carries not only blood relations but also mutual working towards its success. Despite not having much, Ben actually becomes only a pastor in a small town in stark contrast to his life as a business magnate. The movie reflects that love supersedes all other desires, for wealth and prosperity, and in so doing, makes up for a happy family bound by trust and understanding. The message passed by the movie seems to be, marriage and love are eternal, material possessions are only temporary.
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