Fan Involvement in Sports

Fans behavior has always been a point of contention amongst the fraternities of sports. Team sports such as football, hockey, cricket etc have a huge following where fans are seriously involved in the proceedings of the games.
To witness a packed stadium with fierce competition is a lifetime experience. The magnitude of the event varies, however, the basic factor remains the same, i.e. the passion to win. Behavioral attributes such as belongingness, recognition are observed in a stadium of a high-intensity match with enthusiastic fans.
Sport has always exuded the feeling of belongingness of the unfamiliar mass and the culture prevailing in the society. Before the rapid modernization of sports with commercialism and showbiz that has overtaken the true spirit of sport, it was considered an event of cultural and political significance.
The Gladiators (ancient Rome): the gruesome sight of gladiators and bloodthirsty animals slaughtering each other provided the much-needed outlet of political suppression for the common mass. The vicarious feeling of pain and pleasure wrote with blood elevated the high, as experienced by the commoners, however, for a short time. Then it was back to the everyday mundane life. A subtle mixture of entertainment and violence at its prime.
Bullfighting (Spain): strongly condemned by various animal rights groups, this sport represents the traditional pitfall in the Spanish legacy. For a few, it is an honor to be a matador, however, the real thrill is experienced by the live spectators and television audience, and hence the inability of the government to ban the sport.
The above-mentioned sports represents the degree of violence that has crept in the society in the form of hidden angst against the political oppression, social inequality and financial instability that leads to a deeper resentment and hatred as a whole.