Fashion Photography and it’s affects on young women



The essay "Fashion Photography and it’s affects on young women" focuses on the influence of fashion photography on the women. The manner in which fashion photography has begun to distract the attention of the young women from different priorities in their lives leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, especially when it is being debated upon. They often emphasize more on what the celebrities are doing and what kind of new photographs are coming out in the open for them. They are reliant on fashion for looking after their own requirements, which are insignificant if seen properly. They perceive true beauty to be hidden within fashion photography which is simply untrue. They would rather emphasize on how they could derive value from fashion than looking at the reality aspects. The negative effects of fashion photography are important to understand here. This is because the young women start believing that fashion photography is for real and that they must follow the celebrities and stars into becoming somewhat similar. They are of the view that the world of media and fashion is filled with glamour which is not anywhere close to reality. This element essentially makes them feel that they must do something collectively to welcome what is being shown to them through the different media outlets and domains. As far as their self image and self esteem issues are concerned, these young women need to understand where they are going wrong. Since self image is something that shapes up one’s own thinking.