Features of Using Animals for Medical Research



The magnitude of the sufferings the animals undergo during the medical research, however, is a severely contested issue. There are divergent opinions on the use of animals for medical research. Other alternative models of medical research exist. The use of animals for medical research is explored in detail.

Arguments In Support of Animal Use for Medical Research

&nbsp. It is of considerable importance for the scientists and medical researchers to understand as well as comprehend first the health issues and challenges under research. The medical researchers ought to develop proper methods of solving the medical and health problems affecting humans and animals. Certain diseases and health issues studied by the medical researchers require living organisms only for their study and experimentation. Clinical research models involving humans are not applicable in some medical research dependent on using living organisms only. The use of humans may be considered unethical and impractical in such instances (American Physiological Society). A scientist can, thus, appropriately kill or use animals for medical research reasons.

&nbsp. Animals used in medical research are similar to humans biologically. Just like humans, animals are predisposed to several similar health issues. Medical research and experimentations often take long periods across generations to draw conclusive observations and findings. The life-cycles of animals are shorter than for humans. Further, the medical research and experimentations require the scientists and the researchers to control or manage the environment under which the model operates, such as diet consumption, lighting, and temperature. It is much easier to control or manage the environmental factors in medical or scientific research using animal models, unlike the clinical models. It is also inappropriate to expose humans intentionally to the health risks because of observing the disease causes and finding treatment (American Physiological Society). Animals can, therefore, be exposed to medical risks through research and experiments. The health risks in these experiments can also kill the animals.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.