Thanks for your work. Your submission contains an overview of the simulation scenario that you worked on, and you have identified the intent of the scenario. You have also properly identified three elements from the PMBOK Guide that relate to the simulation. Also, you have properly documented your lessons learned and described your experience using the simulation tool. Please note, however, you were supposed to ‘capture a screen image of the confirmation page showing your total score for the scenario”. You have not provided this screenshot so I have not graded your work yet. “1” is not your grade and is only a placeholder for my own references. Please provide the screenshot for me to be able to finalize your grade. – You could have done a better job of identifying three elements from the PMBOK Guide that relate to the simulation by dedicating a section of your work and by describing these processes in more depth. For example, you could have chosen schedule management as a practice and highlight some of the main considerations in performing the simulation from the schedule management perspective. In the corresponding section of your work, you have not cited or directed incorporated any content from the PMBOK Guide. – I recommend not to cite a reference in the conclusion section. You could have done so by using and referencing it in previous sections. Please refrain from introducing a new concept or offering a statement that has not already been presented in the material leading up to the conclusion section. The general rule is that the main body of your narrative should include all the main arguments and key statements. The conclusion, on the other hand, should summarize main points made in the main body of your writing and creatively restate the ideas already presented. The conclusion is not intended to include new ideas and key points.