Femininity in the modern art



For many years, painting has been considered as a form of art that is used for recreational purposes. The modern era, however, uses paintings a form of communication. People now use paintings as a form of expressing their views regarding certain societal issues that are of much concern. These emergences of new uses of paintings are regarded as the modernity of paintings. A good example of issues that have been greatly discussed by the use of paintings is femininity. For instance, Clark argues on the factors that might have been responsible for the options of modernity that eventually became to be regarded as the Manet territory. This case proves to the audience that artists have various impressions of their paintings. All that matters is the intended message and the target audience. This case also means that every painter has his or her own target audience. Femininity can be associated with the responsibilities that are often regarded as being directed to women. Therefore, some artistic impressions can be associated to women. Female artists also have a say in the artistic world. For many years, men have been associated with performing various arts, as opposed to women. Therefore, it is time that the women in the society come out and show their ability in almost everything that men seem to outshine them in. good modernity examples that women would address in their pieces of art include modern life, the public modern, the issue of men and women involvement in the private sphere, and women and gaze.