File Properties and Attributes Operating Systems

The operating systems are the system software that provides an interface for users to interact with the computer to perform their required tasks. The operating systems are major software applications necessary for computer users to use the system. Without the operating system, the users can not use the computer as computers do not understand human languages.
The operating systems perform the task of translating user inputs to computer understandable format and vice versa. "An operating system is a special computer program that manages the relationship between application software, the wide variety of hardware that makes up a computer system, and the user of the system" [Wikipedia].
Once the booting process is complete, the kernel hands over the control to various other applications and programs to run. Kernel also provides access to various core services to other programs. These include disk access, memory management, task scheduling and other hardware devices.
The layers of OS include Service layer providing services to other software to interact and use the functionality of kernel, Command layer providing a command driven interface options and application layer running and executing application level software and tasks.
The List&nbsp.of resources allocated by the operating system and explain the process of the allocation process. Include:
Single process resource allocation -&nbsp.The single process resource allocations are done in a simple manner. Based on the available resources, the CPU distributes the entire process into pieces and allocates and schedule resources accordingly.