Final proposal

Manchester offers various properties suited for economic development, relocation assistance, financing and tax credits as economic incentives to assist revenue flow in the local region. Especially in difficult economic times, Manchester’s rather liberal assistance and incentive programs will aid in maintaining short-term profitability by avoiding high relocation costs.
The provision of demographic and marketing information – This would include elements of consumer behavior and the ethnic/cultural differences to assist in creating workable marketing strategies to increase profitability.
The provision of regulatory assistance – This includes assistance in understanding the practical application of rules and laws which are mandated by Manchester to provide information on how best to structure the business to satisfy legal expectations. This could potentially prevent any future liability on behalf of MMK.
The provision of various loans – Manchester wants to draw business to its region, thus offering various loans make the environment more suitable in the event of having to borrow additional capital for improvements to the company.
The provision of technical assistance – This will help the company to understand how best to incorporate various technologies to make the company more adaptable and flexible to changing market demands.
Quality of life is also evident in Manchester, which will be a positive motivational aspect, from a lifestyle perspective, for any international expatriate employees who will be required to assist in developing the new American facility. As expatriate assignments are generally long-term (Mathis &amp. Jackson, 2005), quality educational facilities are available for school-aged children as well as 900 acres of parks, playgrounds, swimming facilities, beaches, and ski regions ( For managers or