Finance Statment

During my lifetime I have realized that education is the key towards achieving professional development and personal progress. I am very interested in pursuing a PhD in finance. A PhD in Finance is the first step to fulfill my career ambition. I envision myself studying finance at the PhD level and contributing to the development of this field in Saudi Arabia. By accepting me in your prestigious program youre contributing to the development of finance in Saudi in addition to women empowerment in the country. There is a lack in female Saudi PhD holders in business studies and I never heard of a PhD holder in finance, thus this is one of my career aspirations. I am motivated to beat the odds and change the Saudi Arabia culture in order to open the doors to female workers to aspire higher professional goals.
I want to join your program for several reasons. One of my career goals is to pursue a career in teaching in the future. Most universities require its professor’s to hold PhD degrees. During the first year of the program I hope to get acquainted with the faculty and sharpened my research skills in order to select a good topic for my thesis. I am very passionate about finance. In high school I started following local and international stock markets and reading the financial page of the newspaper. A few years later once the internet arrived at my country I had greater access to articles and financial news. I wanted to study finance at the university, but they did not teach it for girls at that time in Saudi and my parents did not allow me to study abroad for cultural reasons. This led me to choose accounting as my major. Accounting is often regarded as the cousin to finance since both practices are interrelated.
I got married in my last year of college on October 2001 and had my first child in 2003 and my second in 2005. Since 2002 I was signing petitions to allow women to enter Saudi organization of certified public accountants so they can hold the Saudi CPA. Finally in 2004 the acceptance was granted. I am a goal oriented, assertive, self motivated, and a hard worker that is not afraid of a challenge. I am also ambitious, a good analyzer, team player, and a great leader. I am aware of the impotents of self development. I have attended several workshops on the subject. In the latest which was about women leadership, the presenter asked what about the main challenges Saudi women faced while doing their dissertation. I thought a professional women network could be the solution. I took the initiative and announced that I will start one and whoever wants to help is welcome. Some women were supportive and others were suspecting this was doom to fail .We created a team and Cella network saw the light. I am extremely motivated to start a PhD program in finance. I know that it will be tough challenge, but the reward of achieving this educational credential far outweigh the costs associated with the effort and sacrifice I will have to put to achieve the goal.