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Ford Motors well established business attracts a great deal of consumer base irrespective of demography. The primary business of the company comprises of high end state of the art cars both for the individual as well as for the industrial use. The company, through its resilient and effective marketing tactics, has able to capture significant market shares in the automotive industry worldwide. Following is an extract from the financial statement of the company which presents the movement in the market share of the company for the current financial year of 2011
The company divides its revenue into two broad segments which are through automotive and through financial services. The automotive structure is further divided into four segments of 1) Ford North America, 2) Ford South America, 3) Ford Europe, and 4) Ford Asia Pacific Africa. Whereas, the ford financial services are divided into 1) Ford Credit, and 2) Other Financial Services.
The company has improved its asset allocation strategy and has also rejuvenated its business strategy and global competitive strategy. The proactive approach has resulted in an increase of 5.7% in sales revenue from the automotive and financial services business.
The financial year 2011 proved to be another progressive year for Ford Motor Company. During the current year, the company’s revenue increased by 5.7% during the current year to an impressive $136,264 million which has caused the operating profit to increase by a staggering 21%. The company, following its growth strategy, aspires transform its operation into multi channel business. The company has taken major steps in investing its direct sales business which enhanced the revenue during the current financial year. In addition, the company is actively following its strategy of refurbishing its plants and giving them a new and improved look. The refurbishment has resulted in an