Firm Creation

I was also responsible in finding and assembling the present team who like me are averse to working under others. I will be an active partner who will be responsible for marketing and sales of our skills.
Brian: Brian will be the core person in the team since he is the only one at present with the technical qualification needed in our business. He is certified by the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) in non-destructive testing of airframes. He is also a qualified Six Sigma specialist in addition to taking a four year course at a business school and two year course in mechanical engineering. He is a willing team player, is very organized and willing to innovate and improve processes. He is also familiar with CAD and other basic computer applications.
Shelley: In terms of qualification, Shelley is the odd person out in our team. She is a qualified medical assistant but is willing to take the administrative responsibilities of our firm. She is also a team player and is motivated enough to take on responsibilities. She has basic computer skill and working knowledge certain MS Office applications.
Nikki: Nikki is a born leader and will act as the managing partner of our firm. …
Each of these needs to comply with safety regulations formulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and it includes airframe safety also. Accidents and subsequent rescue efforts are also a concern. New digital distress beacons called Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) are now available that can locate the name, owner, location and type of aircraft with the help of satellites in case of a crash. But the equipment is costly and owners are reluctant to fit their planes with one. More than 85% of private planes do not carry the improved beacons even as the government prepares to stop listening Feb. 1 for distress calls from the older, outdated beacons installed on most aircraft. (Levin, 2009).
Services provided by SafeAir Consultants:
SafeAir Consultancy can provide airworthiness certification with regard to airframes using non-destructive testing methods. Individual owners can be contacted for the purpose of building a client base. SafeAir can act also as a consultant and dealer in motivating owners to use the new ELTs. Their pilots and maintenance staff can also be educated about the usefulness of the ELTs.
Skill profiles and suitability for the job:
Building a client base can be quite tough for a new business venture. The leadership skills of Nikki and his organizational ability will be very useful in motivating other team members and other marketing staff. His high spiritedness shows an ambitious mind which is essential for any businessman who wants to achieve high growth. Shelley is also a team player and will fit in well as an administrator. She also appears to be an ethical and honest person which is very essential since handling finance is one of her responsibilities. As a family