The best part of being a young college student pursuing a degree is the time you have between during breaks and summer to travel around and see the world. Once you get a job and family and life becomes blessed with both more joy and more responsibility, the time to travel is often limited and you have to ask the whole family where they want to go. So my advice is, travel while you’re young and travel in style. There are a number of ways you can take the trip of a lifetime as a student and still travel first class.

First class student airfare is available from many airlines. Use their website or contact and specialty travel agency and see what student or “blue passes” they have to offer that allow students a change to fly first class at a discounted airfare. It’s a pretty good deal when realize a first class ticket can cost up to 5 times as much as a regular one. Some travel agencies that cater to college students also have tours and travel packages put together in advance that have first class student airfare as one of the benefits. Check your student activity center at your college to see which agencies offer that service.

First Class Student AirfareFlexibility is not only the key to getting a college degree; it’s also a key in cheap first class student travel. Many airlines overbook their flights, particularly if the flight is a common one that has several flights throughout the day leaving from the same location. If you listen to the announcements at the gate, they will ask for someone to give up their seat in return for a voucher for a first class upgraded seat on the next flight. Most of the time it means waiting in the airport and hour or two longer, but sitting in the first class section may be worth the wait. It’s important to remember you can’t take this option if you have a connecting flight because it will set your whole time schedule off. But if you’re flexible, you can fly in the front with better food and more leg room.

Part of getting your college degree is memory making. By finding some inexpensive first class student airfare you can make pleasant memories that last a lifetime.