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The company has been spending considerable amounts of resources and time and ending up with the wrong candidate. It is the right time for a change for the betterment of the Company. In order to guarantee a steady growth and attainment of the set company objectives, it is of the essence to consider a dynamic recruitment process. It is also apparent that many companies, at present, are adopting innovative recruitment processes for senior-level staff members, especially our competitors.Additionally, our competitors have broadened their horizons on the subject of recruitment approaches. In particular, Companies are investing in the social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Job websites to find prospective employees. On the other hand, companies consider the mobile and online applications to recruit staff members. These activities indicate that managers and human resource administrators see the value of technology in targeting the highly qualified and relevant candidates for job positions. It is also clear that acquiring the right candidate for distinctive job positions is not an easy task. This is considering that our company has been spending considerable amounts of time, money and resources in conducting a recruitment process (wh­ich entails combing through hundreds of academic and work portfolios) and still end up with hardly any reliable candidates.The Master Computer Services Company must adopt new and innovative ways of recruitment of its senior staff members in order to save on the recruitment costs and resources. This will be made possible by considering the following new and innovative recruitment approaches.Social channels of recruitment РSocial channels are developing fast and many employers are considering using the social media to reach out to the potential candidates.