For God and CocaCola

In the paper, the author finds that swimming goods and articles associated with swimming has been selling more rampantly than goods related to any other sporting event. While 19% of the people preferred swimming for their health reasons, 18% went to the gym and did weight lifting or other such gym-related activities. The keep-fit types of equipment and users roped in 14% of all those interested in maintaining their health.
The other major influencing event was the team related sports. This influence affected the market conditions of the football specifically and to some extent rugby and cricket. More than Three hundred and sixty million pounds sterling was spent by soccer enthusiasts on products and articles relating to soccer in 1998. This increase in demand in these two sporting events has happened due to the changed interest in the general health conditions among the public.
When Obut and Boules started to manufacture French Boules there were not many manufacturers and they were able to corner the entire market since they were the first entrants. Second, they also ensured that their secrets of the trade are not known outside and maintained absolute quality. This made sure that they retained their market share in the country and in Europe.
The customers, though they got a quality product from these two producers, the price levels should have been higher. The customers were probably paying more than what is due. The products were selling at a premium. Q3. Why have the French introduced a ‘Norme Francaise’
There has to be a standard for the products that are rolling out and the customers need to be aware of what is happening in the market. In order to ensure that the sold boules are of specific quality, a Norme Francaise has been introduced. Q4. What will be the impact of this standard on the industry
The impact of this standard is that the sale of these products has become illegal and they are sold in their own way illegally. However since it is dominated by two of the manufacturers, a standard does exist without a written rule for the quality of the boules. The industry as such is only between the two manufacturers. Q5. What will happen to competition in the longer term in this industry
If the competition tries to produce the same kind of boules without improving upon the quality they will have a natural and slow death. Even if they sold the boules at a much cheaper price, it may not be accepted by the players. Therefore if the competition wants to sustain and grow in the industry they should ideally, look it setting right their lacuna and build a better product to increase their market share.
Case 3: Q1. Explain the changing pattern of supply in the cinema industry from 1946 onwards. The cinema industry in 1945 Briton has been booming when it was at its peak of 1.645 billion admissions in 4600 theaters. The initial high admissions during the 1945 to 1950 period are primarily due to the new trend in entertainment set by these theaters. People seem to love it and wanted to have all of it and more. The growing trend gradually declined. One of the major contributors to the steady decline is the television and the increased viewership that it brought along. The TV was the theater in everyone’s living room.