For Graduate Admissions in Art History

My request for a chance to undertake a postgraduate program in Art History is not based on a yearning for a title of a postgraduate, but rather on my fervor of delving into Art History, thereby actualizing my career objective of working at a gallery, in the management and art niche. I have always been interested in Art. My mother reinforced my propensity for creativity and music and from childhood, I liked creating things, embroidering and painting and did various kinds of art. As I tried to understand Art, I developed interest in Art History. This interest influenced my choice of undergraduate program: I chose to pursue Bachelor of Arts with a double Major in Art History/Management and a Minor in German, which is perhaps the main strongest facet of my application. This academic program not only related to my career interest directly but also constituted a significant basis for me, providing me with tools for further working in the management niche in an art gallery where I am currently.
My academic background has provided me with significant fundamental knowledge, which, on my enrolment for this program, will be of great help. As aforementioned, I possess a Bachelor of Arts with a double Major in Art History/Management, and a Minor in German. I decided to minor in German for several reasons: it being a requirement for graduate schools and my intention of holding a position as an Art Historian and Researcher at one of the art galleries in Germany, where I am currently located. This was in the view of the fact that in the field of art history, German is deemed essential. German film classes including ‘From WWII to Unification’ and ‘Rise/Fall of Germany’ as well as reading German literature in ‘Advanced German Conversation’ course have boosted me in broadening my horizons in German literature and culture, thus improving my German.
Other academic qualifications include a Certificate in