Frame Work of Sales

Thus to put it in the related context, change is the only constant in the world and in the sales and marketing scheme of things, changing to suit the will and desire of the customers and/or the stakeholders as well as doing one last bit to bring in more revenues and profits for the organization just plays the right trick for the sales and marketing fields to succeed both in the short term as well as in the long run. The organizations which stagnate over a period of time and do not change because of one pressure or the other usually die out quickly. The ones that have existed thus far have relied a great deal on the phenomenon attached with change and consistent upgrading of the needs of the customers, for whom the organization is in existence and in business in the first place. (Bauer, 1998)

Thus in relation to the topic concerned, a good salesperson can make or break a sale activity. He can win a customer as well as lose him. This all depends on his different actions with which he conducts himself in front of the customer. Persuasion remains the key during this while as it can benefit not only the salesperson in developing his rapport with the customer but also in winning favors from the organization that he works for. (Baker, 1999) This will also benefit his financial standing within the team and provide him with incentives, increase in salary as well as promotion. However, the aspect of marketing is what holds more significance here since the customer does not quite approve of the product yet he is being fed with insisting comments about the need that could be satisfied with the usage of this product. Some customers succumb to these sales tactics that are employed by the salespersons but many of them know the hidden agenda and hence do not lend an ear to what the salesperson actually has to offer. What is a balancing act here is the fact that the salesperson must believe what he is selling and be 100 percent sure of his claims since this is the make or break stage when it comes to building a solid customer relationship – not only for his own good but also for the organization.