Free Will and The Circumstances

Most individuals are free to think and act at their own will and hence set goals or aims for themselves that they strive hard to achieve or fulfill. On the other hand, there are individuals who are rather unfortunate because they are not allowed to think and act freely due to being controlled in what they do.
Man is the master of his own free will and therefore is superior to other individuals who are not as lucky. But, unfortunately, he is not even aware of the superiority he commands or the respect he deserves. This man of ‘free will’ has a powerful command over circumstances and this gives him a mark of distinction from the rest of the regular crowd. Such a person is in a much better position to make promises than others whose wills are curtailed by their circumstances.
Individuals, who do not possess such free will, make promises but never fulfill them because they are a weak lot who cannot keep their word. On the other hand, a man of free will can be proud because he is a man of word and sticks to his promises even at the cost of fate. He is one who is highly respected in society because he goes to the most profound depths in order to keep his promises.